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Inspect exterior, grounds, foundation
I will look at the exterior envelope of your house for structural integrity and for the condition of the exterior coverings for water shedding and insulating properties. I will also look at the grounds for proper drainage and safety issues. I will check the foundation (basement or crawlspace) for structural and water intrusion issues
Inspect Attic, Insulation, and Interior
I will look at the attic for insulation, possible leaks, and ventilation. I will check out the interior for functionality of appliances, function of doors and windows, any settling issues, safety issues (stairs, lighting), and any possible damages.

Inspect Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing services
I will visually inspect the electrical system for improper wiring, any arcing or rust problems. I will check out your HVAC systems for proper function. And I will operate all plumbing fixtures to look for adequate water pressure and leaks.
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